AHPRA help needed please

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    Hi Guys,

    Can anyone shed any light on the following for me please:


    I was under the impression, after getting a full skills assessment with ANMAC, they could forward all documents to AHPRA (there is a section on anmac which says 'click to forward documents to AHPRA'), these would support my application to AHPRA.


    I emailed the AHPRA and asked did I need some sort of Reference Number, so that the ANMAC could send my certified stuff and they have emailed me back saying that the ANMAC don't send documents to the AHPRA!!

    I know people have had conflicting advice from AHPRA but this is frying my brain!!

    Please help if you know!!

    Cheers Bev

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    anmc definetly forwarded my file, just be careful where they send it though. As I had sent my appraisal application to the main office in Melbourne, that's where anmc sent the file. How was I to know agora had mysteriously sent my file to Sydney as I had worked there fifteen years earlier! Cue many hysterical emails, until I asked if maybe the Melbourne office could just send it to Sydney too! Ooh they are awful!

    good luck, keep persevering!

    gill x

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