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Guest bentkitty

Transportation from the UK

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    Guest bentkitty

    Hi - we just found this forum and were delighted! We are Sedef & Nic from London and all going well will be moving to Adelaide in July! With our visa we can go anywhere in Oz but we really don't understand why anyone would choose Sydney or Melbourne over Adelaide?! It's a lovely clean city, affordable accommodation, great non-humid climate, shops and amenities, culture and social life - the list goes on


    Can anyone recommend a reliable and cheap cargo company? Also do you know if we can supply them our address whilst the goods are in transit by sea or do they need the address right at the beginning? Our intention is to ship all the stuff out the day before we fly out, stay in short term accommodation for a few weeks whilst we find somewhere to rent for a longer period...


    Also we will need to organise flights for the cats (import licence pending imminently), any suggestions on cargo companies/airlines would also be appreciated

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