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    Hi all,


    Im new to the forum so bear with me but hope you can give me some advice.

    My husband and I with our 2 boys are currently in the visa process, but are struggling at the start :sad:


    The problem is my husbands job description, which i would never have thought would be an issue, ill start at the beginning...

    He is a building services engineer (mechanically biased), he has a degree which is accredited according to Engineers australia standards, and its on the skills required list so we can get state sponcership.

    We have sent copies of all his qualifications, p45s (for companies no longer trading), payslips, job descriptions, contracts ect for previous companies to prove hes been in work since 16 (hes now 39) but the thing we are having trouble with is his current job.

    They want a job description for this job signed by a director, they have his letter from when he got the job and current payslips ect.

    My husband is worried when he tells them of our plans it could jepordise his current position and we dont want to end up a creak ...well you know the rest.


    Can anyone suggest what also we can do to get around this, they have his previous jobs, job description and he does the same things hes just at a higher level.

    To top it all hes currently working away and only home once a month which is really slowing things down, please help i am at my witts end and my agent doesnt seem to be giving me any advice on how to get around it.


    any thought greatly appreciated :wink:

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    Guest jplaysguitar

    Hi Emma,


    Don't despair; there's always a way around it. My OH had to get a signed employer's statement for his TRA Migration Skills Assessment. How we went about it was that we prepared the document, ready to copy and paste onto company letterhead and got his boss to sign by saying we needed it as proof of employment for a mortgage application but I guess you could also use loan application or rental agent reference / similar. One positive from the recession is that tightening of lending policies means nobody's surprised at the lengths lenders will go to to ensure you're in secure employment.


    Hope this helps,



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