Anyone know anything of these areas please?

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    Hubby already has a good idea of the area he would like to live in once we go back. However, I don't know a large chunk of them obviously. Some of them we've visited as have family in them, others I've driven down the main road and the rest are only a name :rolleyes:


    Anyways, there is no one specific area we are dead set for or against. Just I am not sure if some of the suburbs within the area we are considering are preferable over others or if some are better left alone. We will be in Glenelg for the first year or so and our son will most likely be attending one of the local schools there. If they are not zoned then unless we move a long way away or its an awkward commute, we may well consider keeping him in the school if he is doing well and is happy. However, if the area we eventually settle in has good schools we are open to moving him.


    So, what I am wondering is anyone have any views/experience/knowledge of any of the suburbs between Glenelg North and Seacliff/Seacombe Heights. I think the Cross Rd, A3 is the cut off point. And then heading east as far as it goes. Warradale I know, kind of, but need to get my bearings a bit more there. I like it but don't know the shopping area although Marion isn't far iirc. It does appeal to us as some good primary schools and also senior. Morphettville I keep seeing but never hear about. How is it there? I've not asked hubby about it.


    We are not worried about commute as hubby is most likely working from home/travelling so its not a major issue for us. Schools and reasonably easy access to commute routes to see family and friends are a plus. Most of them live within this area and inland toward Torrens.

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    Morphetville is well serviced by public transport. The tram runs along the edge of it and buses through and around its boundaries. This suburb was mainly housing trust except nearer the tram line and the main roads. However a lot of these houses have been pulled down and new developments have been put up. There are a few playgrounds nestled in there and there is an oval up by the race course. There isn't a school actually within the suburb itself. Children either go to Forbes Primary in South Plympton, Emmaus Christian College in South Plympton which is a low fee R-12 private school. There is also a Catholic school in Plympton.


    Coming inwards from Glenelg, Glengowrie and Novar Gardens are very residential suburbs with parks and tennis courts etc. Immanuel Primary in Novar Gdns a Lutheran private primary is very good, its only R-6 and feeds into Immanuel College which is much pricier. South Plympton and Kurralta Pk are quiet residential suburbs with good access to amenities , transport etc. In South Plympton you have the choice of two large shopping centres and is only 10- 15 mins to Marion. It is serviced by train, buses and the tram. Actually I think any of the suburbs between Brighton Rd and South Rd are fine.

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