Schooling in Adelaide!

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    Hi everyone,


    I am 22 years old and my Mum and Dad live in Adelaide, me and my bf live with them.


    I am unable to get my PR through them as i am classed as indepenant and i have a sister in the UK.


    I have been in Australia for 2 years 2 months on working holiday visas and now on a tourist visa, i now need to go on a student visa just to keep me here longer and keep trying for other visas.


    Could anyone recomend a international school/tafe/uni?


    Cheap..... that keeps me in the country.


    Preferable buisness or managment or somthing to do with beauty therapy as i am a diploma qualified therapist.


    also how do i start the ball rolling with a student visa?


    Please help im desperate i dont want to have to leave my family xx

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