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daughters need mothers

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    Guest Reena


    In 2006 myself, husband And son emigrated to Adelaide on full permanent resident visa's, My daughter who was 16years at the time decided that she wanted to stay with her father in the u.k, however i will give you a bit of history.....When we were filling out the forms to emigrate she was 14yrs and wanted to emigrate with us, as you are aware the process takes 2yrs, she was included in our form filling but just before the final acceptance of visa she changed her mind { boyfriend came along ** I thought i was doing the right thing at the time and told the truth to the migration bureau that Lauren at this stage wanted to stay in the U.K with her father. { silly me **.

    I was not told at that stage by the migration bureau that later down the track i would live to regret that decision...

    We are now desperate to get her here with us, she has been to Adelaide on a student visa for a year, and i have been back to u.k on visit.


    We have now settled in Victor Harbor and own our own business, we have a job placement ready for Lauren and can fully support her.

    We have tried the migration bureau again but our options are very limited, Lauren has a diploma in horse management and is 22 years old now.

    I thought we could at least sponsor her for work as we have a successful business and need a strong family member who can take the business forward, however we have been told that its not that simple and we have to prove that we can't fill the position with an Australian first........................


    Can anybody HELP....I would never have left Lauren if i had know all this heartache.


    Kind Regards.


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    Sorry to hear this. A difficult situation :(


    It seems to happen a fair bit reading around forums and people live to regret at least not getting the visa and activating, even if they don't wish to live in Aus at that time. It at least gives them options in the future should they change their mind. Sadly by opting out back then and not having the medicals etc done and activating a visa your daughter has limited options now. I do hope Go Matilda are able to help. I hear very good things about them so here is hoping. It might mean your daughter needs to retrain or some such in a trade that would enable her to be in Aus, but if she really wants to be there, I am sure she can make it happen somehow :) Keep positive.


    I think the bit about filling the position with an Aus person first is correct (and IMHO fair). The company you have doesn't have any positions on the skills list I would take it from this so yes, they would put conditions on it before you could employ a person from overseas.

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    Guest Ledges

    Oh we are so similar...our daughter was 15 when we applied, and after 2years of waiting for the grant her life had moved on, she loves horses too and wants a career teaching riding and schooling them.

    Luckily we "persuaded"...hmm not sure that's really the right word...her to get her visa when we did and to activate it. Two and half years later she's still in the UK with a baby now....however following their second annual visit they have now decided that all 3 of them want to emigrate.


    Teenagers....please listen to these stories...if your Mum and Dad are getting visas...get one too and activate it. It just keeps options open for you for the next 5 years. No one is forcing you to do anything else...treat it as a holiday if you are dead set against coming out to only have to land in Oz and you have your visa for 5 years :)


    On a personal note...what about last remaining relative visas....I thought there was something for last sibling left etc (hope that's right and she qualifies)..or that something else works out quickly now for you x

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