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    Hi there,


    …Is there anyone in the South of Adelaide that can help me out?…


    I’m currently living in Seaford on a working holiday Visa which means I can only work for a company for a maximum 6 months at a time. At present I’m job hunting and have just finished working at Clipsal 500.


    Just wondering if there is anyone out there with, or know of, a few days worth of any sort of work where I can tag along and learn a few new skills. Don’t mind what I do, I believe in hard work and don’t mind getting my hands dirty.


    Previous work of mine includes: Banking (11 years), Construction work/labouring - Flooring, Hospitality - The Ghan/Indian Pacific, Clipsal, Adelaide Cricket Ground/The Ashes and Grape Picking.


    Please feel free to pass on my contact details: 0406-194-852 /


    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Steven Flood

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