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    Hi All


    Just a quick question, can anyone advise how the building sector is doing there?






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    This is only my opinion but I feel it has been slow for the past 6 months a lot of people are not spending, houses are sitting on the market for a long time and not selling, I know a lot of people who have been trying to sell and cant and taking the house of the market. New house builds are slow as well not a lot getting built so a lot of people chasing other types of building work Reno's maintenance etc.I am sure other will tell you whats going on hopefully things will pick up soon but I won't hold my breath

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    I think that pretty much sums it up. People in the industry are worried. Architects and home builders have hardly any work, which means the building trade is going to be slow for at least another 6 months, as if nothing is being designed, it isn't going to be built.

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    There is a tiny ray of light on new build approvals (ie future builds):


    ABS Building Approvals show that the number of dwellings approved rose 0.9% in January 2012, in seasonally adjusted terms, following a fall of 0.8% in December.

    Dwelling approvals increased for the month of January in New South Wales (37.6%) and South Australia (6.9%) but fell in Queensland (-22.1%), Tasmania (-3.0%), Victoria (-2.7%) and Western Australia (-0.4%) in seasonally adjusted terms.

    In seasonally adjusted terms, approvals for private sector houses fell 0.1% in January with falls in Victoria (-6.7%) and New South Wales (-3.5%), while South Australia (10.5%), Queensland (6.2%) and Western Australia (2.9%) all rose.


    The official statistics on new dwelling building commencements (those already started) are poor:


    In seasonal adjusted terms, total dwelling unit commencements fell by -6.9% in the December 2011 quarter, which follows a -6.0% fall in the September quarter. In the 12 months to December 2011, dwelling unit commencements fell by -13.4%

    The quarterly national as well as state and territory change in commencements is as follows:

    • National (-2,510 or -6.9%);
    • New South Wales (+41 or 0.6%);
    • Victoria (-944 or -7.3%);
    • Queensland (-1,219 or -17.9%);
    • Western Australia (-156 or -3.3%);
    • South Australia (-391 or -15.4%);
    • Tasmania (+33 or 5.7%);
    • Northern Territory (-60 or -20.3%); and
    • Australian Capital Territory (-239 or -18.5%).


    The trend estimate of the number of total dwelling unit commencements in South Australia has fallen for six quarters.



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