Oakbank Races Easter 2012

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    We are thinking of going to Oakbank on Saturday 7th April but dont know much about it. We will be taking the kids (8 & 4yrs) and not driving. I was wondering if:-

    1. Anyone has been before?
    2. Is it child friendly?
    3. Are there any special buses put on from Adelaide City centre?
    4. Tips for getting the most out of the day? (not betting tips)
    5. Anything else!

    Deciding to go on the Sat as it is quieter (45,000 people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) than the Monday.



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    Guest Team 'W'

    Hya Browny, we went on Boxing day AND yes its very child friendly ,they have a bit of a fair ground for the kids ,face painting ,a clown walking round to do balloons for the kids,there is food kiosks all along the front ,you can take your own chairs or they supply you with some ,you can take an esky BUT no bottles of ale OR fizzy drinks ,i had a go at them on the gate they wanted to take our coke and lemonade to which i said ,it doesnt state on the web site you cant take fizzy drinks in ,it just said alcohol !! to which she said just dont flash it round ...DUR !! Plus you dont have to stay all day its great for a couple of hours [unless your winning and on a role as my three were] lol couldnt get them out the place so hope this sheds some light on things if not i hope you win anyway !!!


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