Where do we upload requests from case officer?

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    My case officer contacted me today!! Woo hoo!!!! They have requested extra paperwork (evidence of de facto relationship, medicals, photos etc); do I email my case officer with attachments or upload the documents to my online application? My email also says I must respnd within 28 days. Surely that does not mean they want all the evidence within 28 days. If it does I had better get a move on!

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    Guest gaz77

    hi shelagh


    the link to upload is:


    I uploaded most of my docs within the 28 day limit, but contacted my CO to inform them that our police and meds might go past the 28 day limit. They're usually happy to give extensions if you have applied for checks but have to wait for 3rd parties. I just had to provide proof that i applied for the check.

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