Looking to put 1 box in container to oz in next two weeks

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    Anyone near to the midlands who can make room for 1 box of sentimental value in their container?

    its only valuable as it belonged to my late brother and want to send it back to oz in the next couple of weeks.

    if you can help, please pm and I can arrnage to have it brought to location and will over any cost.

    thank you

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    Guest The Dimmocks

    If you have no luck try these www.transglobal.org.uk I used them to send a couple of boxes back when I went to UK before Christmas. They left UK on the Monday and were at our front door Friday morning (according to the tracking they were at Heathrow airport when I was on the Tuesday evening). You put your sizes and weight of box and then it gives you different quotes from different companies. I went with DHL and paid £175 for two boxes. There was a quarantine processing fee of $47.30 as well. Maybe a bit more but at least you wont have to wait months for the stuff to arrive.

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