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Worries of a new comer

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    Guest pleaseabcd

    I am from HK and I just received my Subclass 475 provisional visa...


    It requires me stay and live in South Australia for 2 years and work at least in related field for 1 year in order to be a Permanent Resident.

    I have relatives in Australia but in Sydney...


    I am a qualified Production and Plant Engineer.


    Right now, I am confused and lost... (kind of).

    I just have no idea what I should do...or to prepare...

    Coz This is the first time I am going to live by myself Oversea (except my previous study in UK for a few years).

    I am 28 right now...


    I tried to search through the Job sites of SA but most of them are related to Mining... but my production engineering experience in mainly related to factory and mechanical engineering.


    Would any one be so kind to enlighten me how and what to prepare?

    I am both excited (coz I have the Visa now) and worried (coz not know what to do next...)



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    Guest ali



    I'm waiting for the 475 visa to come through as well and my field of work is the Hospitality and Tourism sectors. You can go about registering with recruitment agencies such as this one that I came across on the net: (I don't know if they're any good as I've never used them before)


    or look up jobs in recruitment websites such as:





    or you can identify companies that work and hire in your field and just send out your resume or call the HR and ask if there are any vacancies.


    Good luck and hope you secure a job soon:smile:

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    Do a Google search with the words Mechanical Engineer Adelaide . It comes up with a list of recruitment agencies that work with people in this area even a company called GJC Engineering in Regency Park (in Adelaide). There is a lot of infrastructure work being done in Adelaide so your skills should be well regarded. Good luck.

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