1 week to go......... and a little advice neede please!

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    It's fast approaching! We leave the UK 1 week tomorrow. Scary pile of suitcases upstairs and a house with so many bits to be done yet I'm still in denial that it's actually happening!! I'm excited to be going just not looking forward t osaying goodbye to my Mum and we just want to be on our way now!

    I have 2 main worries about arriving in Adelaide though - does anyone know if 4 weeks is going to be long enough in our short-term rental for us to find a long-term rental property? We are looking to spend around $300 per week (I think?) for a 3 bedroomed place in areas such as Happy Valley, Hallet Cove, Aberfoyle Park, Morphett Vale etc etc.

    Will my husband have to have a job before we are able to secure a rental property? He is a bricklayer by trade and we ar ein the knowledge that this work is hard to find at the moment, I used to to admin before being a stay-at-home Mum 2 years ago so it may be best if I work part time and hubby works part time/full time too? (He is willing and happy to do just about anything to get us on our feet and until he can find a bricklayers job (hopefully)).

    I'm in a bit of a panic that we will arrive and he won't be able to find a job which will mean us not being able to find a long-term rental?

    ANy advice/tips greatly appreciated.....................(is it too early for wine yet!?)

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    Hi Tori


    You don't necessarily have to have a job to secure a rental property. You will be asked for references and 100 points worth of ID (I think - made up of passports bank statements drivers license etc). If it helps, and you are in position to, you could offer to pay a few months rental up front in addition to the bond. This is what we did and we were able to secure the first rental we applied for.


    I am sure 4 weeks will be enough in your short term place. We did 10 weeks which was way too long!


    Have a look at for prices of rentals. Put in your budget and the areas you can afford will show up.





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