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    I have some pictures on Photobucket and would like to use one as my Avatar. any instructions on how to do this would be much appreciatred.



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    Click on settings at the top right of any of the forum pages, then on the subsequent page, click 'Edit Avatar' down the left hand column. You've then 2 options. (as shown below)




    Either get the URL of your picture on photobucket -click share, then 'get link code' and copy the 'direct link for layout pages' url from photobucket which will look something like

    "" Paste the URL into 'Option 1' as shown above


    or alternatively,

    Right click on your picture in photobucket as choose the 'save as' option and save a copy of the picture to your computer (maybe on the desktop). Then choose 'Option2' and browse and select the image you've just saved to your pc

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