New Passport After Visa Grant

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    We have been recently granted our 176 visas. We need to get the new passport for my daughter and son. In the grant letter it has been mentioned that passport change should be notified through form 929. My questions are;


    Which e-mail address should we send this form 929?


    How long it takes to update the new passport details?


    Any comments or similar experience??



    Best Regards


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    Guest Lizzy

    Hi , the same thing happened to us, we got the new passports & travelled with the visa stamped in the old passport & took our new ones too, ie we travelled with both passports. we checked with the Australian embassy first too make sure it was acceptable. we only came last Nov & it was ok then.


    Good Luck.

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    Guest Woody and Jane

    Hi, I've just transferred my visa to my new passport and it's really quick. However you do have to do it by post, not email. I sent my new passport along with the 929 as I wanted a new visa label in the passport as apparently some countries can be funny. I posted it on a Thursday and received it back on the Monday.


    I did ring them beforehand to double check what I had to do to get a new label and was told it would cost $60. This is not true. I received a letter back saying they would send me a cheque back for the $60 as this fee only applies to resident return visas. I wouldn't mind but I was told to send a bank cheque which cost me $10 to get.



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