Newbie here just saying 'Hello'

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    Hi Everyone,


    As you can guess my names Elisabeth, I'm 29 and my husband Kevin is 31. We have three kids Harrison 9, Isabelle 8 and Aiden 6 next Wednesday! And our to chow chows Oakley 4 and Evie 15mths. We have been researching the move to Oz for a few months and it's been in my head for a couple of years now. I'm a qualified Midwife and have been working for 5 mths, kev's a senior pharmacy tech or something like that!:huh:


    We're coming over to Adelaide in May2013 to have a nose around and visit all areas. We are looking at moving in a years time; as I would like more experience as a midwife hear before moving and we want to take out time and have a chilled way of moving.


    So here we are, wanting to live our dream, meet some very good and nice people on here :notworthy::jiggy:


    Nodoubt you'll be here from us very soon with some strange questions, but we'll try and research it first as it might already be here,


    Take care for now


    Liz and Kev plus the gang :cute:

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    Hi Liz


    We've only lived here 7 months so still finding our feet really, did loads of research but have found living here is certainly the best way to suss things out, sorry i know that sounds obvious :rolleyes: don't worry about asking questions that have been asked before, that happens all the time, things change.

    Feel free to pm us, we'll answer if we can.


    All the best


    Ian Beth Sophie and Daisy.

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    Thank you for you message, we would love to get out there sooner, but want to tie-up some loss ends and save a bit more! We're looking at buying out there mainly seaveiw downs, but we don't mind really. This is main because of our dogs, we cant leave them here and there are few places to rent that allow pets:err:!


    Do you have a better family life out there? Our

    youngest was born with a rare heart condition, even though this is not a problem for moving as we've checked! We need more time with our children and just to be out of the rat race! Xxx

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    Guest matt n mel



    I have to say, you're onto a winner with this site. There's so much information and everyone is really friendly. I can't think of any other resource that I've used as much to help us with our process (We're currently in UK pending visa- awaiting co for application at the mo).


    I can't even say that I've posted any questions, as most queries I have, have already been asked by someone else- the threads are brilliant.


    Good luck with it all




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    Guest leeannekays

    Welcome and good luck. We fly in 18 days to our new adventure


    Leeanne xx

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