Travelling with 6 months old baby

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    Dear freinds


    I need your valuable advice again. We are planning our validation trip. I am bit confused as this would be my first long journey with 6 months old baby.


    We will be travelling from Abu dhabi to Sydney. Is it wise to take a stop over after 9 hours flight and then another 7 hour flight or a 14 hours flight in a go would be ok.


    Any experience please

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    At that age I doubt it will matter much what you do. I'd personally just get on with the flight and do 14 hours. I don't see the point of stopping off and have always gone straight through, even with a young child.


    I'd get a night flight (to fit in with baby sleeping) and chances are if little one would sleep a big chunk of it then. Our son was a bit older and he slept 8.5 hours on the first leg from London to Singapore, so was only awake the last 1/3 of the flight. Was fab as we got to sleep also. Then by the time we had breakfast served and so on we were almost there.


    Other thing is at this age, they have capsules to sleep or sit in so you can be hands free.


    We took our sons sleepsuit and his sleeping bag and he was happy as anything in the capsule.

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