Base salary expectation??!!

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    Hiya, we arrived in Christies Beach on friday for a holiday/reccie and are enjoying it so far, rental near the beach, amenities nearby and friendly people...ticking the boxes up to now. Been keeping our eyes open for opportunities and have cam across a PART TIME 8 MONTH position in Adelaide for my hubby, who is a Youth Worker. I expect its highly unlikely he will get it but we've got to try...part of the application says..."what is your BASE SALARY EXPECTATION?" now we havnt got a clue what to 'expect' to be honest, it doesnt say how many hours the job is pw so couldnt even guess.....can anyone shed some light on what this is asking/or how we answer this?!


    Jodi Lee & kids x

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    Guest Barney Rubble

    $1M per annum but they'll get some change :shocked:


    Would recommend you dig a bit into the industry and remember that when talking wages it is $'s per week/month/hour, plus Superannuation (9%) plus what ever else the position may entitle.


    Also if it is only for 8 months they may or may not be paying you as a casual which is plus 20 %


    Good Luck

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    Guest guest8040

    Jodi you opened the north east thread didn't you? As well as having that in common my husband is also a youth worker - are there many opportunities out there?

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