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    Guest The stokes posse

    Hi there everyone,



    My name is Jeanette and my husband name is Wayne. We have a little boy called Joel he was three in Jan. I am now expecting are second one at the end of march.

    We have only just been think about living in oz. :idea: We have both finale come to the decision that this what we both really want, we think Adelaide or Perth is the places that look suitable in the way of money,weather,education and people sound very friendly.



    The only thing i am really worried about is if my husband will be able to find a suitable job in Adelaide or Perth, his job is he a full qualified wood machinist. he also has qualification for cabinet maker & furniture maker which he more then capable of doing but it seem to all come down to experience and his main experience in cabinet making and furniture stem form collage which is a long time ago as we are both 37 now.


    He also has been in the roll for the last two years as a draughts man position but he has no qualifications for this job he just kind of filled that roll when the job came up within the company and learn how to do the job as he went along.


    When look at job site in oz when you look at Carpenter or joiner jobs he can do all the things they request but he not a qualified Carpenter or joiner so find this a little bit scare

    and most machinist job seem to be to do with metal not wood.


    Any way sorry to go on but it one of those things that play on my mind may be it because i expecting sure it will come together some how,

    finger cross anyway.



    It just very scare know where to start with everything but i think we will get the birth of are second over with before we proceed further as that enough to sort out at the moment be so close now.


    Before i go can anyone recommend any good suburbs it hard to know where to begin.



    see you all


    Jeanette & Wayne


    xxx xxx

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    Guest mOZzy

    hello 'newbies' :) - and welcome!


    i think everyone makes the move with a big butterfly in the tummy!

    none really has a job to go to unless of course you are going on a sponsored visa!!


    so it's basically a 'go and see' situation!!

    in the end my oh said he'll do anything to get money in even if it's not related to his actual skills! so i guess that's the attitude in the end it comes down to!


    in regards to areas: another tricky question! i don't think it would really help you if anyones suggested one since you haven't seen it with your own eyes yet!

    it all depends on your circumstances and wishes ... like do you want to be close to the beach? or hills? or countryside? or city? - where will be the job situated? how long a comute would you accept?

    we haven't done a treccy and won't before we actually go. so we'll do lots of driving around and find 'our perfect' area for us!


    good luck with whatever you decide :)

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    Guest Django

    Hi guys and welcome to 'the mass exodus club':biglaugh:


    It is a bit daunting to start with but the more you investigate the easier it becomes.


    Have a gander at the immi site you will find all the stuff needed on there as regarding anything in getting a visa.


    As for susurbs? Use the search gizmo on this site and you will get loads of info regarding them.


    Good luck



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    Hey guys!


    Cant really help on the suburbs thing...but as Pete said this site is great for information!!!


    Good luck with the whole'll be worth it in the end!!!


    Dan and Steph

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    Guest The stokes posse


    Thanks everyone for your kind word and suggested websites.

    great to hear people have the same feelings about things and we not alone

    and seemed to have come out the other side of the tunnel happy and content and not regret doing the big move.

    bye for now

    Jeanette and Wayne


    xx xx

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