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    Hi All,


    we have been on this site for a couple of months now but this is our firstpost, my name is Phil & my wife is Dawn, we have 4 boys of which 3 aredefinitely moving with us to Aus & work is in progress for the 4th (he iscurrently at uni but doesn’t want to move). Our aim is to be down under by Sept/ Oct this year so potentially in our last 5 / 6 months in the UK, that soundsscary when you put it like that ! Although as i write this & look out ofthe window and see that it is miserable, cold & wet i wish i could go rightnow.


    I assume many of you had checked out Aus / Adelaide prior to moving there ashave we, with family members already in Adelaide (Flagstaff Hill) we havevisited 3 times, each at different times of the year to see if we liked it throughoutthe year, there is no need to tell you the answer ! We had even visited duringthe Aus winter of 2009 which we understand was the worst for 10 or so yearswith the amount of rain / wind etc... that didn’t deter us, it almost seemedthat the rain was different, stupid as it sounds you know what i mean.


    We have come across many pieces of advice of this site, unfortunately we hadn’twrit any of it down and therefore we are seeking your advices again;

    We currentlylive in Bristol and have seen somewhere on here a pet/animal company who specializein exporting to different locations, the company I believe is based in WestonSuper-Mare, they guide you through the exact requirements and take the pressureoff you by controlling the whole move for your pet, in our case a black lab. Ifanyone knows of this company either by name or through experience could youplease provide their details, I have tried to Google them but can’t findanything.

    We no doubtwill be on here again very soon to seek further advice

    Thanks again


    Bring on thesun

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    The pet shipping company is Whitehouse Kennels, near Burnham exit off the M5. They are fab people, have had dealings with them a number of times for pet rehoming and rescues. I hear good things about their pet shipping also. If you phone leave a message or let it keep ringing as they are often busy and not able to answer. Usually you are better off emailing in the first instance.


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    Guest wayney34

    we were also there winter 2009 but still loved the place and can't wait to get back in August to begin our new lives. good luck with everything

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