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    I have just arrived back in Seaford after being gone for over a year & was wondering if there are any fellow poms out there who are able to help.


    Recently I just purchased an old Mitsubishi Triton pick up truck (1990) and my current father-in-law is helping me work on the mechanical side. However, I am looking to restore the truck for a personal project/achievement whilst working on a tight budget. I was wondering if there are either any poms who know much about car interiors, as the interior is a bit 70's looking with dodgy carpet. I'm not sure if even a carpenter might be able to help??


    If there are also any paint sprayers who would be able to quote me for a small job, or any juniors looking to practice I would like to hear from you. Would be ideal for a spare evening and to have a few beers whilst working.


    Steven Flood


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