Senior Systems Engineer Position

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    A couple of positions have become available at the Company I work for which maybe of interest to new arrivals or anyone looking for a change........

    The positions are also on in case you missed them........

    good luck....... (Its a Nice Company)


    Senior Systems Engineer


    Subnet are looking for a qualified and experienced Senior Systems Engineer to support our existing customer base, along with adding to our capabilities.


    Subnet values customer service, technical knowledge/certification, self improvement and people that want to grow in their careers and in life.



    Key Responsibilities:

    - Providing a high level of end user technical support and consulting services to a vast array of large Corporate, Education, Government and Not-For-Profit customers.

    - Establishing trusted relationships both internally and externally.

    - Mentor internal staff to enable their growth and capability

    - Generation of consultative and technical design documentation.

    - Assistance in the Proposal or Tender writing process.

    - Adherence to processes, timely completion of service tickets and other administrative functions.


    Skills & Experience:

    - High Level of experience Microsoft technologies including Windows AD, Exchange and others.

    - High Level of experience in Blade, Server and SAN hardware and configuration.

    - Appropriate Industry Certification (MSITP EA or similar)

    - High Level Industry Certification in a secondary stream (Citrix / VMware etc)

    - Great personal time management, and communication skills,

    - Self motivation and professional presentation

    - Ability to build trusted relationships

    - Drivers Licence and Car essential.

    - VMware / Citrix / Sharepoint / System Centre skills highly desired.


    Why Subnet?

    - Subnet is a fun, exciting and safe environment for people to grow and learn,

    - Subnet provides a range of self development programs including funding training and certification.

    - Subnet funds a Bring Your Own Device scheme, to provide tools required for your role including laptops and mobiles.

    - Quarterly KPI payments for achieving results that you set.


    If you have the capabilities listed above, and are looking to make a change contact us now at

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    Guest paultozer

    Cheers MacLeods, I wish I was already out there as this job advert reads pretty much like my CV. Unfortunately we don't land till October.


    Are there regular openings within Subnet. Have you any ideas of what salaries are been offered for comparison

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