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Guest thescotts

Education and discipline standards in SA?

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    Guest thescotts

    Hi there


    A newbie here and aspiring Adelaide resident!


    We are planning to come over for a recce in May, so any advice on where to go (and not to go!) greatly appreciated!!


    As with many of you I am sure, one of our drivers for considering emigration is the standard of life for our family. We have a daughter and to be honest, although we live in a 'nice' part of the UK (near Horsham, W Sussex) we have concerns about education standards locally.


    In Adelaide what is the general standard of schooling like and also what are levels of disciline like? Don't worry, am not advocating a return to the slipper!! I just find myself increasingly concerned about lack of respect in kids in the UK and the apparent lack of discpline in UK schools. In your experience, how does this compare to the general standards you find down in SA?


    Thanks in advance!!



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    Guest salisbury massive

    Personally, i think you'll find respect in abundance.


    i have found the kids here, much more personable, social and you can certainly get a conversation out of them, not the usual teenage gruntings.


    I've had dealings with the State school my daughter goes to, they are encouraged to respect each other, their belongings, other peoples property and adults. My eldest goes to a private school and the way the kids there looked after her when she started was outstanding. She arrived half way through the year after a terrible time at High School and had zero self confidence, she has returned to the sunny smiley child i had before the trauma of the first half of last year. The private school she is at is further ahead in their work that the state school but I'm hoping she'll be on a level with them all at the start of this year. Already they have identified she is behind with her maths and offered a number of solutions for us.


    Most primary schools have 4 steps in discipline in the class. Step 4 usually ending up at the principals office. There is a warning, buddy class and staying in during recess before that happens.


    I thought the system here wasn't very good when we first arrived but no I think SA has a much better system that the UK. Its not all about targets, tests and working the kids to a bone. Its more about preparing them for the wider world and High School. A much better way to go.



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