Renting out our home in the UK and need advice in relation to landlords insurance

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    Hi all,


    My wife and I are making the move to Adelaide in July this year and we will be renting out our UK home until the market improves. Is there anyone out there who has done the same? if so, I was wondering who you would recommend for Landlords insurance?



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    Hi we have done that too, been in Adelaide since January 2012 and loving it. We are renting out a three bedroom semi in Leicestershire buildings insurance for the full amount to cover the mortage we have on it and £3000 for contents to to cover damage to the carpets mainly. We are with amtrust it has £100 excess, £2million liability,Malious damage is £5000 per claim with no claim limit per year. it cost us £239 for the year.

    There is a company called rent shield that will search all the companies for you and advice you on the best one. I used a guy called Ricky at rent shield and he was really good.


    Hope this all helps.

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