Guest zamunda

I had to share this!!! It can only happen in Africa!!

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    Guest zamunda

    You may not believe this. But it really happened. Here in Africa.


    The owner of the below house came home after work one day to find the local Power Coprporation had installed a new line of electricity poles.


    Check out the picture and see where they planted the pole tensioner cable.


    When he complained, they wanted $500 equivalent in local currency to have it rellocated. It has now been four days. He does not want to pay (obviously) and they do not want to move it.


    It is not like he built his drive way at the wrong place. The plans were approved by the local council. The house has been there for the past two years and this happens last week.


    Go figure!!!!



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    Guest Barney Rubble

    Needs some of those special white ants we have here . . . called bolt cutters.


    Tough little buggers them

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