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    Can anyone share their experiences here please ?


    Tesco online was pretty good.


    Who uses woolworths or coles ?


    How do you find it compared to UK supermarkets ??


    Love to know you opinion.





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    We have used the Woolies online shopping a few times and found it good.

    The hallet cove store is where they put the orders together. Found it quick, easy and efficient although selection compared to Uk is still limited.

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    I use Coles pretty much all the time.


    It is identical to Tesco - they use the same software. There are a few differences in how it works but if you are used to Tesco you'll feel right at home! I think it depends where you live but the store my orders are processed from has a good range so if I want to get English stuff (Tate & Lyle golden syrup / marmite (which is called "Our Mate" here) then I get it from Coles online.


    There's one difference- you can do " click and collect". Which means you do the shopping online, but you can go and drive up and they put it all in your car. No charge for delivery, and you just go to collect it - so I can click in the morning and DH can collect on his way home. Everyone's a winner.

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