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    Just wondering whether anyone has ever passed the medical with a BMI of 40 or over? M


    ine is 41.5 and i am dieting any gyming in preperation for medicals but still concerned. I do not have any blood pressure probs or diabetes, and certainly not disadvantaged by anything.



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    Guest Libby1971

    In short, yes!


    Mine is a bit over yours which means I am dieting and hating every minute of it on top of which I am stressed and can't eat chocolate as a calming measure which means I am more irritated than usual and everyone is trying to keep me as calm as possible so not much dieting really as everyone is buying huge quantities iof chocolate to calm me down!


    I have other medical conditions (no blood pressure problems but dad had diabetes in old age) which meant I was most worried about the medicals -I had visions of being turned down on this point.


    Good luck but I would be surprised if you had problems.



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