Help regarding 475 visa

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    We have just been told that as my OT changed jobs 2 years ago and this job is not on the list we have to apply for a 475 visa.


    Bit upset as really wanted to make a clean break of it but now even if we make it we will have to wait 2 years+ to find out if we can become residents.


    I have been told we can apply for residency after 2 years living in a state and 1 year working, but can anyone shed any light on the following:


    How easy is it to go from a temp to perm residency?


    Does this restrict your jobs options as most jobs ive seen state you have to have residency?


    Does the job you do for a year have to be on any list or can you do anything?


    Its a big risk to take to spend all that time, money and upheaval and settle in a new country to maybe be told in 3 years you have to leave.





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    Guest banjo70

    Hi Andi,


    I'm a temp Resident altough on an SDAS 496 visa. It should be farily easy to go from temp to perm - unless they change the goal posts in the next couple of years. Currently as you say two years or recendency, with one year of full time work (for you or your partner) over that two years. - this can be any full time job - even one not on the list or two concurrent part time jobs totaling a weeks work. Even after three years if you don't have 12 months work - you can extend the visa you are on for a year.


    Then ALL you have to do is undergo a medical, a character test - eg more police checks, and signing an Aussie values statement are all that is required.


    I've found that as long as you are legally entitled to work you can apply for jobs. The only restictions are if you have to be a citizen or have undergone defence clearance for certain defence related jobs.



    As I say this is based on current legislation and the Aussie Goverment could alter this, so until you've done those first couple of year keep watching out.



    Please see this for more info. see "What will this visa let me do" at the bottom of the page.





    The hard part is getting here. Once you're here it's easier to make it permanent.:goofy:

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    Thanks Banjo


    Feel a lot better now.


    What do you think of Adelaide? and how long have you been there?


    Would buying a house be an easy option or are there restrictions.



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