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Funny Dunnies......

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    Guest ladyarkles

    Saw this and had to share.

    The ultimate in Toilet Humour....


    A unique type of 'toilet humour' is attracting attention on the Yorke Peninsula.




    Lindsey Dennis lives on the road between Bute and Port Broughton.

    Although you might pass by the farm houses on the Spencer Highway all the time, I can guarantee you've noticed Mr Dennis'.

    His house is the one with the line up of fine toilets out the front.

    The funny thing is, he only put one out there, and the others have all migrated to the location by themselves.


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    Guest ladyarkles

    And another loo-related story from Oz.



    [h=1]New record for world's fastest toilet on wheels[/h]A new and unusual land speed record has been set in Australia - for the fastest motorised toilet.



    Canadian stuntwoman Jolene Van Vugt recorded a speed of 75km/h (46mph) in Sydney, beating the previous record by 7km/h.

    "I flew into Australia yesterday and came out here to jump straight on the toilet," she said. "That was so fun and I'm stoked to get the record."


    There were some problems early on when the chain fell out but the toilet was soon repaired.


    Video and full story:

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