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    Is there anyone out there who is pregnant and would like a (mature age!! :smile:) student midwife to be with them through the process?


    I am a first year midwifery student, and have been here in Oz for almost 21/2 years. I live in the Southern Suburbs with my husband and two children, and I am about to go on my first placement which I am doing at Flinders Medical Centre.


    You can decide how much participation you would like from me (ideally I am expected to come along to a minimum of two antenatal appointments,can accompany you in birth (I totally understand if you'd prefer to reserve judgement on that one!) and will visit you within the first 6 weeks of baby being born) and you can, of course, change your mind at any time. The entire process is totally confidential and any notes made are anonymous.


    I have a leaflet I can email if you would like further information.


    Please pm me if you are interested and we can have a chat (see if you feel comfortable with me) and take it from there.


    Thanks for considering ............



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