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    I am a primary teacher awaiting skills assessment to be returned (sent it first week of March). Just been informed there are special conditions for teachers now wanting to go to Adelaide also been told that ACT accepting teachers with SEN qualification. I have got my British Sign Language Stage 1 . Does this count? Also been told can apply for sponsor in one state and live in another New rules???????


    If anyone can help me on sponsors or job hunting or any other useful info please do


    Thanks kathy

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    I'm pretty sure that to qualify as an SEN teacher you need to have a masters in SEN on top of your teaching qualifications. I'm a primary teacher and all 7 SEN teachers that I have worked withhad a masters but I could be wrong about it being a mandatory qualification. Australian sign language is used here (very similar to British but there are def some differences) so might be worth checking to see if your qualification is recognised. Good luck :)

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    Guest Adelaide_bound

    Little confused at your posting, but won't be able to log back on probs for a while so will say all this, and if its anything you already know or doesn't apply, apologies :D


    1) Do you mean for State Sponsorship for SA? If so, there are conditions for Secondary teachers, (Have to be a Science, Tech, Maths teacher) and if you mean for Primary Teachers, possibly its because they have filled the quotas for them (I haven't been in circulation for a while as we are road tripping in the wilds of Oz now), and therefore you can only get SS if you are already working in SA or did your training here or something (if you look on the SS sheets it tells you what the special conditions are).

    2) I believe in SA you can teach anything, no matter what your actual qualification is, much like in England, not like in NSW (and possibly other states) and Scotland, where you can only teach what you are specifically qualified in. Therefore, if you have SEN experience and want to teach SEN in SA, I believe you can. I very much hope so anyway, because if I do go back to teaching, I'm hoping to return to SEN teaching (this is what I was told when I enquired with SA TRB last year).

    3)You don't have to work in what your qualifications are in/what you are sponsored in to get your visa for PR. Once you have your visa you can do anything (or nothing! If you have the means to support yourself) you want at all.

    4) Its not cricket - its not a new rule at all, but if you ask people on here, and basically are doing it with a view to scamming the system, you won't really get much love online as its not really the way things should be done a lot of people think.

    5) Ditto what Tigerlily said on the qualifications front.

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    added something

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