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Global Mobility services jobs?

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Or its because there is nothing about ? ;)


Thanks for reply though! Just for info then; expatriate services/management or mobility services/management is when one project manages or coordinates the assignment process for international executive assignees, administering global client’s mobility policies and programs while managing a full international supplier Network. In other words, when an employee goes on a short or longterm assignment for a company, his/her relocation will be managed, including immigration, shipping, schooling , house hunting, training, taxes, compensation, expenses etc.

Hope that is helpful?


My husband and I have been granted the 457 and we are researching the current job market; I am very keen to find a job in this area as I used to work in this field and absolutely loved it, but as I mentioned, I have had no luck in finding anything so far.

I am currenlty a project manager for a training and consultancy company so I potentially have more options than the above thankfully!

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I think that sort of thing may be managed by the HR department of a company so you could try some of the larger companies here, such as Santos, or they may well outsource it to a Resettlement or Settlement company. A friend of mine runs a settlement company here called Home2Home Settlements that does similar things for individuals coming to Adelaide. I may be wrong but doesn't a 457 require you to be sponsored by a local company who cannot find suitably qualified staff locally? It may be (I'm just speculating) that it is hard to convince immigration that someone from overseas could help someone to settle here better than a local could.... Unless I have completely misunderstood and you are looking for a job where you would be helping someone moving from Adelaide? There are not a lot of companies with head offices here in Adelaide, but you could try some of themining companies perhaps, or the banks?


In terms of training, you are best off trying to get a list of RTOs (Registered Training Organisations) here in Adelaide. http://www.yellowpages.com.au might be a start...


Good luck anyway.

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