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Urgent help needed to choose primary school in West Torrens area

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    Hi - I am hoping someone on here has some personal experience of schools in my area. We live in Mile End & DD attends kindy at Cowandilla Primary. She starts Reception next term & is enrolled at Cowandilla. I am having second thoughts due to theirpoor Naplan results ( not sure how much weight to give this). Anyone have an opinion/ experience of this school. The other schools we are now considering are St John Bosco at Brooklyn Park ( catholic - we're not!)and maybe Tenison Woods or Lockleys. Any advice welcome - decision has to be made by Mon. We have visited all except Lockleys ( just had a look around from playground at home time). Thanks.

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    If you are happy to go down the faith based school side, paying fees there is also Emmaus Christian College in South Plympton, which is not far from Cowandilla. I know a lot of people use this school as an alternative to the local schools and it is an R-12 school. The fees aren't bad, they are on the website. It is "christian " though which means that religion is a little more focused than in a mainstream Catholic or Lutheran type school. The Naplan results are good.


    Cowandilla's Naplan results may be indicative of the school population it draws from and not necessarily the teaching. Last year it had 300 students. 256 of these were from Non English Speaking backgrounds ( this does not mean of course they are backwards) 60 % of students are on school card which means extremely low income or single parent families. ( this of course does not mean the parents are dumb or don't care, sometimes it means the population is more transient with kids moving around a lot too and there has been less money or time spent on broadening the kids before they start school). From their context statement.

    General characteristics

    The student population is extremely diverse with many different cultural

    groups represented. There are currently 18 Aboriginal students from

    Preschool toYear 7.The rich diversity of cultures is a feature of our school

    that is highly valued. We support all students to gain an appreciation for each

    other’s culture whilst working to ensure each cultural group maintains their

    own identity. Our population is highly transient with many students regularly

    changing schools. A high percentage of our students receive School Card.

    In 2006 a New Arrivals Program was established at the school. There are

    currently 7 NAP classes.


    Cowandilla gets lots of extra funding for lots of extra support staff. This might be a plus for your child. The Naplan results for 2009 and 2010 were all in the green. Last year they were all in the Red. This could be due to the transient population. This also shows that the children who did NAPLAN in 2010 who were there in 2008 improved greatly across all areas. Why not start your child and see, Multicultural schools can be very interesting. If you don't think your child is making progress then there is plenty of time before yr 3 to move.

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