Call centre managers and teachers

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    We are trying to get to Adelaide. Just wandered if anyone knew what the job prospects are for me a primary teacher and my OH a call centre Team / floor manager. just wandered if it was a case of walking into a job or is it alot more difficult than that. If anyone has any advise of how to go about getting job please let us know.

    Thanks Kathy x :wink:

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    Guest melanieup

    Hi Kathy,


    In a similiar situation. I've worked in a leading call centre for over 10 years so have lots of experience. Would like to know others experience so I can weigh up my prospects.

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    Teaching is difficult to get into and usually only on a casual contract basis. It has been well documented on this website, so do some searches and you will find plenty of teaching threads.


    As for call centre managers, not sure how many jobs will be around, there are plenty of call centre worker jobs on offer, but not too many managers coming up on www.seek.com.au


    Adelaide is known for 'not what you know but who you know' in the job market which can be hard when you don't know anyone! You need to come with a positive attitude and approach and be prepared to potentially put in the hard yards!

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