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Visa Granted!!!! Yay!!!!


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We have today received the email we have been waiting for.


Our Visa have now been granted - yippeee!!!!!!


Never thought that this day would ever come, but full of mixed emotions, excited, nervous, and panic.


Got to ring the estate agents today and get some valuations done to sell our home and then once it has sold we will book our flights. I never thought I would ever get to this point of saying we have actually got the visa. I have read over the last 18 months people who have had theirs granted and just thought will our day ever come and now its finally here!! I can't believe it, all the talking and thinking - its now finally here. OMG if i'm this excited to be granted can you imagine how excited when we book the flights lol.


We are going to see hubby's parents tonight with a bottle of champagne and tell them the good news. Unfortunately my parents are in Spain on holiday so will have to facebook them the good news.


I hope everyone who is waiting for their visas get the news they want.


Good luck to all and thank you for all who have answered our questions during our process. I'm sure I will be having a thousand more questions before we actually get to Adelaide.



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Guest Cornish Pasties

Well done Natasha!!! It's a fab feeling isn't it if not a bit surreal..after all the waiting & longing. Wishing you all the best with your planning



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Congratulations, Natasha! You're one big step closer to getting here! Enjoy that great feeling and good luck with the next stages in the 'journey'!


Lyn x

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Hi Conor,


My CO was appointed exactly a month and 5 days after I lodged. I lodged on the 13th of March, CO was appointed on the 18th of April, Visa (475 SS) was granted on the 23rd of May.





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