visa question!!!!!

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    hi all


    my mum has just been granted a year long holiday visa but does anyone know if she is able to extend it for another 12 months when the first visa expires.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Guest miraclebabycaw

    Wow you are lucky to get a years visa. That being said it depends on if they have added 8503 condition on the visa. This is a no further stay clause. If not you could probably apply for an extension but from what I have read it would have to be for extenuating circumstances. If there is an 8503 clause then no you cannot. She would have to leave Australia apply for another visa and then go back.... come to think of it though, I "think" she would be able to exit Australia just before her 1 year is up, come back in and then still have another year on it because afaik the one year would be multiple travel. Just check out the exact wording of the visa.

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