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Looking for schools in the western suburbs...

Guest Busy Lizzie

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Guest Busy Lizzie

Hi All

Help really appreciated. We are looking at schools in and around, Grange/Henley/Seaton or general areas. Looked at the websites for the local schools and they all seem very similar.


I have a 14yr old girl who would prefer co-ed and is very clever and needs challenging, possibly a smaller school would suit her needs best.

I also have a 12 yr old girl, again co-ed needs nurturing and is quiet shy

And a sports mad 10 yr old boy.


Any recommendations. Hubbie going to be working (hopefully-fingers crossed) in Cavan, and I fancy beach side over hills.


Look forward to hearing from you,



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You will find that none of the State High schools will be small, although Henley High school has a good name. There is a Catholic Private school in the Western suburbs. Nazareth College. It is co-ed. It has a primary campus and a secondary campus. Fees for the high school part are $5-6000 a year and $2000ish for primary. www.nazareth.org.au


Henley high has a good sports programme.

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I can only comment on Henley High and Grange Primary and both are great. My eldest has been at Grange and my two youngest are currently there and they settled in the school very well. The school is good with academics and is very sports orientated, lots on offer. There is also lots of good local clubs for many different sports.


As someone has already mentioned, Henley High is a very sport orientated school. This does not mean that they concentrate mainly on sport. They teach to each child's academic needs and level, rather than all at one level. This way they can assist with those that are high achieving and make sure that they make the most of their potential and those that may need more help and are at a lesser level, get the right help also to allow them to reach their potential. Each child has to have a laptop and this is approximately $1000 and bought through the school. We were able to claim 50% of this back through education tax returns however this will change but will still get a helping hand from the government for these sort of things. That would be a whole new thread and im not very good with the tax return stuff.


There is zonal areas for schools however this is not as strict as many people think. http://www.decd.sa.gov.au/locs/pages/default/HS_Zoning_Region_04/ We currently live in Seaton but our eldest was able to get in to Henley High without being on any sports or other program. When we first arrived we moved to Grange to get our kids into the school because of its reputation.


I think Seaton High is more of a performing arts school. I'm sure someone will correct me if im wrong.


Good Luck with your choice but as i have said you wouldn't do much wrong if you chose the two schools that my kids have attended. Both have very good reputations and our experiences can back this up.

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