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Might be a Ping Pom Pong after all

Guest saz1

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Hi everyone, I have not been on his site for a while but feel it is now time to shed some light on our situation.

Myself and my husband emigrated to Adelaide in May 2010, we have permanent residency until Jan 2015. We never really felt settled in the 14 months we were there but maybe we didnt give it long enough. In May of last year we received a phone call to say that my mother in law was terminally ill, this was really hard to deal with being so far away from home and we both felt helpless. After lots of

discussions we decided to return to the UK in August last year, we do not regret returning as my mother in law very sadly

passed away a couple of months ago and Im so glad that we both got to spend precious time with her.


Now,however, we are both missing Adelaide, the weather the lifestyle, and are not that happy here in the UK. My husband

would go back tomorrow, I however am 50/50 at the moment. I just dont think that I could put my parents, family and friends

through the heartache a second time. I have not even approached the subject with any of them, I know you cant live your life for family but I do feel this would be extremely difficult for me.My family are so pleased we are back. Here in the UK we feel like we have fitted back in but are not settled, we talk about oz every day and wonder what we would be doing if we were still there now. Just wondered if anyone else has felt this way after returning to the UK, or if anyone has any advice? This is so difficult!!

Thanks Sarah

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Guest James

Hi, similar to you I came back to England as my mother was very ill and at the same time my father then had a stroke which in his case was irrevocable. I was on the verge of coming back anyway. I am really glad I was here for all of this and ma now looking after my mother, my advise if you have elderly relatives is to stay here until they no longer need you or your visa is near running ot. You cannot imagine that flight home when my mother was in hospital it was horrendous. Do not give yourself that potential stress, enjoy the time with family you will not get that back and then return when they do not need you or when your visa is near expiry. I really did not like my time in Australia but my son did and I would reconsider going back for him but only whne my mother no longer needs my help.

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