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Looking for a cheap FF let


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Dear all, can anyone recommend an agency or propriotor who can rent a FF house on a short-Long tem let while we find our feet? Family of 3 so 2-3 bed property required. We don't have money to burn so rent up to $400 p/w max. Also my wife is a nurse, she specialises in truama care, I am a chef with Michelin pedigree, we are seeking work. Child care recomendations greatly recieved also. Many Thanks

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You may have to up your budget a little for the first few weeks as most furnished short term rentals tend to be a little more (added costs to the owners of cleaning, insurance, maintenance etc) and most long term rentals tend to be unfurnished. You could rent furnished for say three to four weeks, find a longer term unfurnished place and rent and borrow some furniture, or you may be lucky and find something long term furnished. Have a look on sites such as www.domain.com.au and put "furnished" in as a key search term, or have a look on the Accommodation Available section on here.



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Thanks Diane for the link. To the OP just to make you aware these properties, although look cheap as a fully furnished let, will probably want a 6 to 12 month contract signing. Plus you will have to pay bills on top of that.

As Diane says, best to up your budget by another $100 to $200 pw for a short term let which will include bills, furniture etc and you'll only pay for the length of time to book for.

Best of luck


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Hi all,I've got to agree with the others FF tend to rent minimum at $600 pw due to bills and furniture etc. Re: job searching - I'm a nurse too and wanted to point out this website for your Wife's jobhunt http://www.sahealthcareers.com.au Not sure where to point you to for michelin star chef vacancies - maybe the gold section of the entertainment book?? http://www.entertainmentbook.com.auGood luck.Nicola.

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