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Just moved to Adelaide from QLD-job search advice

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    Guest ARM12

    Hi everyone,


    I suppose I am just posting to see if any newcomers to Adelaide, or anyone already in Adelaide are getting on with thier job search?


    I moved here from Brisbane nearly two weeks ago along with my partner for his work. He is going to be working on a new highway being built, but fue to weather hasn't been abl to start yet, so were just hoping he gets a start soon.


    I have been applying for every suitable job I can see, using Seek, Gumtree and local newspaper. I am a qualified Traffic Controller, and after ringing every Traffic Control Company i can find in Adelaide, I havn't got very far. No one seems to be looking for anyone at the moment :arghh:


    So, failing that, I have been applying for Admin jobs, as that was what I did before moving to Oz, and up until recently. Other jobs i have been applying for are housekeeping, sales, basically anything that I think I may have a chance of getting. I have also signed up to Hays recruitment as i worked via them in Brisbane.


    Does anyone havec any other afencies, or job sites that i don't know of, or just any general advise that might help me get a job would be nice :wink:





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    Sorry just bumping this up but from what I'v heard jobs are tough a the moment. I would visit all the major agencies in the city and think the councils use a different recruitment agencies.

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