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Roof Insulation...


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Guest Barney Rubble

Watch out if you have down lights installed :policeman:


If you do there are electrical rules that clearly require heat sheilds to be present.


If you have them and you get a quote be sure to point it out to them and ask what they need to do.


Have seen so many houses with insulation either 'blown in' or in batts laid over these lights which are a serious fire hazard.


We have the thick fibre glass blocks in the roofs and walls, gr8 stuff . . . . . until you try and move it ore go into the roof :arghh:

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Guest daysdownunder

The SA Government Energy Advisory Service - 1800 671 907 or 8204 1888 - will be able to help you. They offer free independent energy advice and will help you choose the right type of insulation for your home. You can also have a look at their online info on insulation http://www.sa.gov.au/subject/Water%2C+energy+and+environment/Energy/Energy+efficiency/Home+energy+efficiency/Insulating+your+home

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I bought my insulation from inhousesupplies he was the cheapest I could find. After spending all day from 7.30 until 4.30 in the roof laying the insulation I had to go back to get one more bag from them, talking to the owner he said he would have fitted it for a small amount (can't remember what the figure exactly was, $200 or $300 dollars). If there is one bit of advice I can give it is LET THEM FIT IT. We had suits, masks and gloves on, sweated non stop, and this was in March, had back/knee ache for the next week. For a couple of hundred bucks LET THEM FIT IT.

Good luck

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Thanks you Snivag and days down under -


I was considering getting the company to install it..... paying that extra in this situation I feel is money well spent!


Was not aware of any advice line so thanks on that info - will call tomorrow





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