Looking for part-time work - most things considered

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    Hi everyone,


    I have been hunting throught the online websites etc but have not yet found anything, I live in Happy Valley and have been a stay at home mum for just over 2 years. We have recently arrived here and looking hopefully find something that I can do without having to put my little girl into childcare during the day too much.


    I have previous experience in finance admin, sales co-ordination, telemarketing and have recently studied psychology and social science at University.


    Evening shop work/child-minding or babysitting/cleaning/catalogue distribution/data entry from home/dog walking............... anything considered and an honest and hard-worker trying to get our lives started out here!


    Thanks for taking the time to read all xx

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    Hi there,

    It might be worthwhile looking on the Bunnings web site...they always have vacancies throughout their stores and lots of different shifts. There should be plenty of jobs coming up soon as it's their new financial year.

    Another good site is WOW...World of Woolworths.



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