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    Guest claire mcgleenon

    hi all. my name is claire and my husband and I are moving to south australia as soon as our visas come through. I am a qualified solicitor and would like a job in this area or in mediation or lecturing. I am particularly interested in family law.


    does anyone know if there are many jobs relevant to my qualifications in south australia????


    ps we are at the stage where we are applying for our state sponsorship visa - are these on hold until after july????


    claire :eek:

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    Hi Claire,


    I'm a solicitor too and made the move to Australia in 2009.


    Are you admitted to the Supreme Court of England & Wales? You will have to re-qualify to be admitted to the Supreme Court of South Australia - you may already know this!?!


    I can't comment on legal jobs but I found Burgess Paluch Legal Recruitment helpful when I was looking for a job -


    Good Luck!





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    When I was looking a number of years ago now, I just contacted firms directly. There are some firms who have offices in London - the larger ones, I talked to Minter Ellison and all but secured a job with them before our second son was born, but I was in 2 minds about whether to go back to work. I had to look at the larger firms because I wanted to remain specialised in commercial law, rather than have to be a general practitioner. So look for firms who have London offices, and just simply contact someone and ask if you can arrange to have a meeting with them to "discuss the market", see what is going on in Adelaide in your field, and because it isn't a job interview it will not be a stressful experience for you, but I would say it is a very good way to make contacts and get your foot in the door.


    Not many lawyers will turn down the opportunity to meet another lawyer who is potentially interested in coming to work for them. Even if they aren't looking for someone right now, they will remember you when they are. And if they really want you, they will take you on anyway and create you a job.


    I could have got the job with Minter Ellison without requalifying. They were very laid back about that, you can complete the requalification while you are working if you have a firm who allows it. The amount of exams you have to do is reduced by the number of years you have worked in your field as well. I seem to remember the threshold may have been something like 5 yrs PQE but can't remember now. It's been a long time!!!!!!! :)


    So check out who has London offices, and talk to them. Ask if you can visit, talk about what's going on, and ask what their preferences are for requalification. And email Adelaide firms, tell them when you are coming, and see if you can arrange a time to chat to them for advice.


    I think initially I just contacted the HR dept at Minters because I was pregnant and just didn't really want to meet the lawyers. But the meetings followed, and I found out very pleasantly that the legal profession here isn't half as stuffy, or prejudiced (certainly in my field) as in the UK.

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