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Brand new, Ultra modern 3 bed available NOW in Woodcroft $395/week


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  • 3 weeks later...
ooooooooooooh about 100 metres from my house :biggrin:


One of the best bakeries in the south is just over the road, and a superb takeaway chicken shop, and a 24 hour gym!


So after stuffing your face all day between the bakery and takeout chicken you can go work it off all night in the gym. :jiggy::cute:


Side note here, but do people really use a 24 hour gym I wonder? Our one closes at 10pm and by 9pm its a dead zone apart from the odd class going on. Mind you, if it were open later chances are people would show up later. Bit like 24 hour supermarkets, if people know they are closing at 10pm, they get in there, if they know its open all night, no rush.


I think that means its a thumbs up house rental area anyways :biggrin:

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Yes they do use it all night ......... lots of shift work here means it's open to suit all! I've been in there at 4am on more than one occasion, although if you saw me you wouldn't think I'd EVER seen the inside of a gym.


And yes, we've come out of the gym and straight into the chippy next door for a medium bag of fat chips to munch on!

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Hi ,

Have you got any pics of house ? were living in Christies at the moment just got here 3 weeks ago from the uk . Is the house still available ?




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Guest Mark&Vikki

Yes the house is still available. There are a lot of pics on Gumtree under rentals in Woodcroft and also it's on Real Estate. If you are interested in looking around it let me know and I can meet you there x

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