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R & H

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Hi All


When we arrive in September, we'll need to purchase some mobile phones, whilst we know the actual phones we would want, we have no idea which is the best network and which company offers the best deals. So any help you can give us would be most appreciated.


Thank you kindly.


R & H

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Guest ReadyPenny

Hi R & H


Telstra offer the best coverage - by far BUT they are not the cheapest. Vodafone offer some great deals, including overseas calling to UK including in your plan, free unlimited calls to people on 3 or Vodafone but sometimes coverage is not the best. I have never had problems with coverage around the CBD etc but I have friends who have had problems in the Northern burbs. The best advice I can give you is to check the coverage before you sign up to a plan and carefully consider whether or not you need to ring the UK from your mobile or not. Everyone will tell you that Telstra have the best coverage but you don't get as much for your money with them so I guess it depends on which is your priority, value for money or reliable coverage?


Check out some of the websites too whilst still in the UK, look at Lebara, Amaysim, Vodafone, Optus, Telstra, Woolworths and see if you can find something that suits.


Good luck with it!


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Guest vikkiann

We have crazy johns pay as you go, its the same as vodaphone (i think).

We only got them because of the fact that it costs us 5 cents a minute to ring a uk landline.


We've not had any problems so far

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Amazon and 0044.co.uk - sell payg sim cards so you can setup and know your number before you leave.


Also, worth a look is Truphone as you can purchase a sim with both Aus and UK phone numbers plus port your existing mobile number or just use their app to get cheap/free calls.



Arriving at the end of August eeek!

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Guest Katangel

I.ve researched providers too cos things change too often and i.ll probably be behind the times when i get back to oz lol but i use to always have pay as go $50 cap with Vodafone. They seem to still have great plans but i found TPG to have the best value for money plans. We use to use them for our broadband and they were good and you can package together the internet, home phone and mobile phone. Telstra are rip offs!

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