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Epilepsy medication availability in Australia - Epanutin

Guest ajbritton

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Guest ajbritton



I take Epanutin in the UK to control my epilepsy. I've read some other posts about epilepsy, prescriptions and costs (scary), but what I want to know is if Epanutin is available or if I might have to move to another drug. Changing drugs is risky for epilepsy sufferers so to be avoided if possible. Andy advice welcome.



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Guest Nige69

Hi Andy,


I've suffered from epilepsy all my life and have Complex Partial Seizures, Myclonic Seizures and Grand Mal I take 1.5g of Epilim, 500mg of Keppra and 100mg Lamictal twice a day. The costs of the medication works out at approximately $120 a month for me, now this may sound a lot but with a realistic exchange rate of 2:1 works out at £60 a month please remember once your earning dollars forget about the exchange rate. The Epilepsy won't impact on your medical they weren't worried at all all they cared about was that I didn't have TB as long as you can work that's what matters I work in IT by the way and have been in Adelaide for seven months - brilliant by the way!

As for your medication you'll be able to get it I'm sure there's both the named brands (Phiezer, etc) and cheaper generic brands I personally stick with the ones I used in the UK the others are cheaper and apparently the same better to be safe though.


I had the same concerns I can honestly say however don't worry you'll get the medication remember there's plenty of epileptics here and this country has as good a health record as the UK we were just very lucky to get free prescriptions (for how long though!).


Don't worry and if necessary contact an Aussie Epilepsy Association and defo contact the British Epilepsy Association who are as you probably know brilliant.


So Andy don't worry.Please send me a private message I would be more than happy to help and give you my email address.


All the best mate



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The trade names are listed as follows


Phenytoin sodium has been marketed as Phenytek by Mylan Laboratories, previously Bertek Pharmaceuticals, and Dilantin; Australia also Dilantin Kapseals and Dilantin Infatabs in the USA, Eptoin by Abbott Group in India and as Epanutin in the UK andIsrael, by Parke-Davis, now part of Pfizer. In the USSR and post-USSR countries, it was/is marketed as Дифенин (Diphenin, Dipheninum).




Also look here for an idea of pricing






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Guest ajbritton

Thanks all - really useful info.


The Dilantin looks like the closest match and comes in capsule sizes that match the Epanutin I take at the moment.

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