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just need to moan to let off steam

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Dear All


Been applying for jobs now for 3 years, the first 1.5 years without a visa, so a bit prospective, but since April 2011 with a permanent visa. The best I got out of it is one phone interview and a couple of glimmers of hope that didn't come to anything.


I find that the construction management jobs are thin on the ground and start to be believe that unsolicitated applications are becomming a waste of time, looking at the Victoria job market, mainly Melbourne and there are more opportunities advertised then I can write to on daily basis.


Realy start to considder to contact SA immigration and just inform them that I can't find employment in SA and may considder other states despite the pledge that I made for the 176 state sponsored visa. I know that employers want people ove there rather then on the other side of the planet, but with a young family jacking in the job now and gamble on the SA employment market is too much of a risk.


Any thoughts are welcome, as may miss a trick somewhere.

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Guest lebour

You have a moral obligation to fufil your State Sponosrship agreement - it will not affect your visa. But it is not the easiest thing to do is find work when not in Australia.


Good Luck

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Hey there!


It is a hard one, I know, and I guess that's why people sometimes refer to emigration as a "leap of faith"!


None of us (I would imagine!) want to risk our family's well-being and it would be fantastic if you could get here and have a new home, new jobs, school etc ready to go. Unfortunately, I doubt whether that is the norm except for a very lucky few, who might have family/friends already here.


My OH worked in project management in the UK and had been involved with some huge, costly projects. He was good at his job and a known quantity, however when we came here he realised he might have to start from the bottom and was prepared to go back on the tools / whatever work came his way just so we could be here. It didn't ever come to that as the first casual job he got ended up with them offering him a permanent position in facilities management. As I said, he's good at what he does, people respect his knowledge and ability and he's had some amazing jobs.


To give someone a job when they are not here means a huge leap of faith on the part of the employer. They have to find something in your resume that is not on the resume of someone already here and ready to start work. Their references are easy to check and as Adelaide is such a small place, people become 'known' quite quickly (only my experience, so could be debatable!). I know a couple of people who came over to validate and check out potential employers and one of those was offered an-almost-definate position as he had enviable qualifications. Then the family decided not to emigrate. A reasonable decision but I couldn't help thinking that every time a potential migrant does that it must leave the employer less likely to offer a job to someone else who isn't here yet.


I know it is possible to get a job before you arrive though I don't think it's usual. If you go for jobs that are already advertised, you are competing for a position they generally want filled asap and you will be up against people here, or interstate, not people who will need to get a flight out. My OH has mainly had two-interview jobs, where he met the CEOs and whoever was relevant. Then they have each wanted him to start yesteday lol!


I realise my post might not seem very helpful but perhaps it might make you feel less alone or maybe realise that getting specialist work when you are in another country is a big ask. I suppose the only advice I could offer is to use an Australian email address or even actual address so they don't discard your resume when they see you aren't yet in the country. If you've already done this, then sorry, I'm all out of ideas :(


I personally think it's awesome that you are so keen to ensure your family's security and I hope you get the job you are looking for - whichever state you eventually end up in :)



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It is possible to get a job while not over here but unless it's a very specialised area or you're very lucky then it's unlikely - especially in the current climate. Most migrants bite the bullet and make the move without a job lined up, and having a young family relying on the bread-winner is also typical (SA being the type of place that it is, it attracts more families than single people). In our department at work we advertised a role last month and got over 200 applications, and this isn't unusual. It's hard enough to compete against that number of people as a newly-arrived migrant with no local experience - even more so when you're at the opposite end of the world.



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Guest Sachertorte

Sometimes it's worth seeing things in reverse. Suppose one comes from Australia and would like to settle in the UK and the job seeker was say, in the accountancy line of work. Would you expect the UK employer to have this CV high on his pile whilst the job seeker was still in Australia?


Maybe seeing things from that perspective might help understanding the apparent "rejection" of migrants?

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Some good points above.


If you are not in Aus, it could be hard going getting a job from overseas, even with your visa. Most people tend to migrate first, job hunt when they are on the ground and living there. You have a visa type that enables you to do this, so chances are if people are already in Aus and good to go, employers may well pass you over if you are still in the UK.


Have you considered coming over to Aus on your own to spend a couple of weeks chasing work.


Honestly, most people seem to usually move to their state and seek work once there. And if they don't succeed then, its when they tend to move on. I really doubt you'll have much joy while still in the UK living.


You are trying to no risk route with regards to seeking work first, but be prepared that it may not pay off for you.

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Hi There


I can tell you my story so far, I am a Site Manager and by trade a Bricklayer. I can only advise you on my own experience, the residential market in Adelaide is completely dead. There are some big civil jobs being done at this time but there are plenty of people chasing these jobs. To come here at this time with a young family and you are the main bread winner, is a big gamble in my opinion.


You are right however, that there are far more opportunites in other states at this minute in time for whatever reason.


There are people leaving Adelaide to go into state for work. I know this is not what you want to hear, but this is my own opinion.


Best of Luck, whatever you decide to do.



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There's work still in Adelaide. It's more about attitude then anything else same as on the UK. Trying to get it from the UK is a big ask though and unless you have a unique job or get lucky it could be a long wait. Like most people you will probably have to come out here and take s chance. Guess it depends on how bad you want it and if you are willing to take the risk required.

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Guest leeannekays

It took my husband 8 weeks to get work once we arrived. He found it very hard as has always worked and gave up a very good job in the uk. ( he wanted to give it up).He had to get his licence and he is still waiting for it. Never stop trying, he sent his cv everywhere and lots didn't reply. Lots said they want him with his licence. He finally has a good job and is happy. Theses things do make us stronger. We are very happy with everything else here and know we have made the right move for us and our chidren. All the hard work is more than worth it.



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Guest Guest8609

Me and my boyfriend are IT people, both on the Skills List. He got a job straight away (in May), for much better money than we expected (we did research on salaries and job market), and he can still pick and choose. He'a a Software Developer, I am a Quality Analyst. And my impression is that Quality Analysis as such barely exists in most SA companies... My CV is much better than my boyfriends' in terms of employers, education, variety of projects, tools, techniques... but even if I tick all the boxes (and more) I don't even get shortlisted for an interview... And there aren't many adverts. Maybe it's about nationality - don't know...

If I don't get a job within couple of months I will move out from SA, even though I like it here, I am State Sponsored and I truly wanted to buy a house and start family here. They presented their state as the one with opportunities for BOTH of us - maybe they didn't do their homework right... I'm not going to pay for their mistakes.

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