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Guest johnosmad

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Guest johnosmad

Just looking for someone to clear up a few things I am unsure of, I am in Adelaide on a 176 as the main applicant, my De-Facto partner has gone back to the UK for potentially up to a year and a half, her passport runs out in November. I plan to move up to Brisbane pretty much when my 2 year commitment ends and so I will be in Adelaide for 2 years straight. I plan to stick to the 2 year commitment although legally I could go to Brisbane tomorrow.


My questions are: When she renews her passport is the electronic visa automatically transferred or does she need to do any paperwork etc?


and more importantly, when she comes back where do we stand with our commitment as I (main applicant) will have done the 2 years but she will only have done 6 months as the secondary applicant, does this matter and can/will it cause any problems when we go for citizenship(obviously a year and a half apart)?



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Guest Dazzlin

We had to update our daughter's passport number but that was before we validated them. It was simply a case of e-mailing the original case officer and sending a scanned copy of the new passport bio page. However, we were also advised that, alternatively, we could just present both the old and new passports at immigration. The passport service in the UK will return the old one once they've cut the corner off (I know, I used to work for them!).


I can't advise you on your other question but one other thing to consider is when you are eligible to apply for citizenship. You need to have been in the country for 4 years and I'm pretty sure someone told me that the whole family couldn't apply until all of the visa holders had served their 4 years (but you should check this rather than take it from me).



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Guest lebour

For updating passport details you need to fill in form 929 - or travel with both passports.




The 2 year commitment is a moral obligation - therefore doesnt matter if she doesnt do it.


As for Citizenship - each person has to meet the requirments seperatly - you could apply before her - but most people wait until all members are eligible together, so they can have the ceromony together.


Also citizenship requirements are 4 years in the country with absences of no more than 12 months in the 4 years, and no more than 90 days in the 12 months before applying. Therefore - if she is only out of the country for 12 months, and not leave Australia for the remaining time you could be eligible for citizenship together, or maybe only 6 months apart.

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