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Guest leanne800

"Head of" or 'Chief Information Officer" Roles out there

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    Guest leanne800



    Is there anyone that can tell me from personal experience if there are any "Head of" or 'Chief Information Officer" Roles availalbe out there.


    We have our SS visa granted based on this role for my husband and just trying to work out if there are any of these roles available based in Adelaide.


    We know it will be hard to get a role at this level easily and know that a lot of the roles won't neccesarily be advertised on job sites and also many of these roles would be based in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth rather than Adelaide.


    Just wondered if there where any at all in the first place :)


    Any pointers, comments or advice on this would be grateful accepted.





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    Guest weegie

    Hi Leanne,


    Congratulations on the visa - we just got ours yesterday on the CIO SS.


    Not fully started the job search so can't give much advice on the availability of jobs other than to keep an eye on Seek etc. Also, there are a couple of main agencies - springs to mind. I think BAE have a large IT presence in Adelaide too


    However, I've seen a bit of advice recently about it being easier to get a job once you're there or at least know when you'll be there to arrange interviews etc. Also, for other skills, people have suggested that if your level is not immediately available you may need to take a step back for a while until you've got a track record under your belt.


    One other bit of advice on the job hunt that I've read and experienced myself. ALWAYS follow-up an online application with a phone call and don't be reticent about chasing. It seems that in Australia there is more emphasis on you as the applicant driving the process - rather than being reserved and polite as we are here. I was originally going for an employer sponsorship and in retrospect it was the cases 2 cases that I really went for that resulted in the most promising opportunities.


    FINALLY - LinkedIn will become your husband's best friend, especially for IT. Make sure that his profile is completely up to date, get recommendations, hunt down and connect to the most promising looking companies and agencies.


    Good luck and let me know how you get on - we're planning on moving in Feb 2013.



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