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Hi new to the site, moving April 2013


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I have been lurking around this website for the last few months picking up lots of useful tips so thanks to everyone for the help so far. Due to arrive next April been waiting quite few years as had my visa since 2008, but knew that this move wouldnt have a chance to work until my OH was emotionally ready and just around christmas time it became apparant that he was ready to begin the process :wink: and if anything is now really excited about being able to start a new life, he's obviously nervous about how everything will work but to be honest thats him full stop!, we arent naive in the fact we know it isnt going to be easy and things wont just fall into place but we plan to give it a few years before we consider returning if we arent happy, as I think any move be it to a new country or new town you need time to settle in and it definately doesnt happen overnight. We went out on a reccie in Feb and plan to live around the morphett vale, christies beach, seaford sort of areas as it ticked all the boxes we wanted in an area.


Flights are booked, short term accomadation booked, car hire organised, cats travel organised and bloods done, bank accounts opened, looking at organising removals towards the later part of the year so any recommendations on companies would be fab?


Job hunting and tfn will be done once we arrive possibly sending a few cvs out a few weeks before the move, so what other tips and pointers would people recommend?


My OH is a trade so his skills have been converted so I dont see to much of a problem with him getting a job early on after all you always need a mechanic! but my skills might not be so readily convert plus I am considering re-training back into the field I had always wanted so wondered how many people have gone into the tafe system and how they have found it?


I suspect it is going to be the longest 10 months wait in history but figured organise everything early and then you can focus on seeing the important people in your life before you go without worrying about organising the move at the same.

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Guest chooklady

Welcome! I used Seven Seas Shipping from Adelaide to the UK, so I can't vouch for the other way but I was very impressed with them, door to door and not as expensive as I had imagined. I got their name of this site, someone else recommended them.


Good luck with everything

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